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Generation Z is the Future of Culture. They create and amplify what’s next for the future of our society. Seneca’s Village Music and Culture Festival is the only festival that addresses this truth within the foundation of hip-hop and social media platforms. 


We will concentrate on all forms of youth culture through hip-hop, Tik Tok, IG and Twitch culture and bring it to real life as curated by them. Seneca’s Village will have musical performances, DJs, dance competitions, art displays, and street ball basketball. We will also address the relevant social issues of the day. In the future we will focus on gaming, fashion and food. 


We are holding the festival in New York because it is the home of culture and the start of Hip-Hop. Brooklyn is where Seneca would have called home and it is special for us to hold this event in his home borough. All the acts and performers will be under the age of 25 and are going to be from the New York area to fully amplify the homegrown talent and energy of the city. We also will recruit all the production and business participants from the same demographic pool. This event is deliberately for them and by them. 


Seneca’s Village is committed to sustaining and improving the future so many generations can enjoy the culture they create. We will work on always providing a sustainable event that focus on the social issues of the day that is important to this demographic. This includes and is not limited to: mental wellness, sustainability, racial, sexual and gender equality, economic equality, and the ability to be your true self without fear.


Seneca’s Village will be coordinated and Executive Produced by Frantz Cayo, the Award Winning Executive Producer of The BET Experience for six years. It was the largest and most successful multicultural festival that catered to millennials and Generation Z and is the proven blueprint for Seneca’s Village. 


Frantz has been working for sports and entertainment companies for the past two decades creating value for such brands as MLB, ESPN, Red Bull Media, Afropunk and BET. He has been at the forefront of Phygital experiences which is the amplification of live events through all media platforms to provide ultimate exposure to the world. The stories shared in real life will be formatted and shared correctly for the digital experience.


Similar to Hip-Hop, Seneca’s Village Music and Cultural Festival is born in the outdoors and in the streets and parks with DJs, musicians, dancers and the culture.


We will always focus on the world of Generation Z. The kids creating Seneca’s Village will have the same scrappy initiative and soul of hip-hop’s founders.


It will showcase everything they care about in the digital space but in real life.


They are the Future of Culture.



Seneca Matteo Cayo was born two months premature on August 16, 2007. He had a strength and spirit that radiated for all who had the opportunity to meet him. Even though he was a fighter he never left the NICU at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital and passed away at 3 months old on November 15, 2007. This festival is born of his spirit and the community and lives he touched in his short time on the earth. To help maintain this legacy his father, Award winning Executive Producer Frantz R Cayo, launched The Seneca’s Village Music and Cultural Festival in his name that caters to and is provided by his generational brothers and sisters: Generation Z. It is a generation that believes anything is attainable and that they were made to uplift this world and make their marks as “The Future of Culture”.


After fighting through a pandemic, lost graduations, proms and critical experiences and time with friends, Seneca’s Village is our way of giving self-care and a mental health day filled with music, celebration, social awareness, fun and amplifying these experiences on their native digital platforms. We look forward to providing this experience for years to come. Let the journey begin. 

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